Sex & Love Addiction

You Can Move Out of Pain and Experience More Fulfilling Relationships

Sex Addiction

When you’re suffering from an addictive sexual behaviour you can be overcome by feelings of despair, guilt and shame over your behaviour and your inability to control it. You may not know how to have a close and intimate relationship and sexual arousal has become the substitute for a healthy connection.
You feel intensely alone, preoccupied with feelings of despair, confusion or even suicidal thoughts in an attempt to escape this vicious cycle of constantly engaging in sexual activity. You can see the consequences it is having on your life, your relationships, your ability to manage life’s demands but despite this you cannot stop. You may have withdrawn from your family and friends and feel that everything is hopeless.
Your sex addiction may be a response to childhood abuse, trauma or neglect. Perhaps you feel like you are “damaged goods” because of what has happened to you as a child. As a result intimate relationships and closeness can become terrifying for you while sexual activity is soothing. To cope with everyday stress and the pressures of life, your sexual behaviours can become a stress release and soothe against difficult feelings.
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Love Addiction

If you are a love addict you may feel completely afraid to trust anyone in a relationship. You are probably in a lot of pain yet it’s often hidden from those around you and you maintain a facade of having it all together when in reality you feel like you’re falling apart.
Your life may revolve around a series of romantic attachments that ultimately leave you feeling unfulfilled. Yet without a relationship or partner you may feel worthless as you think you need a relationship to make you feel complete. Your relationships may be driven by drama and conflict which can become addictive.
Often love addicts mistake intensity for intimacy. You are terrified of being alone and will do anything to avoid abandonment which often leads to you feeling out-of-control.
Like sex addiction, love addiction can often be a response to an un-nurturing or unstable family environment. You may feel isolated and detached from your family of origin and are full of rage about your early experiences of abandonment. These feelings are managed by the distraction intense relationships provide. However as soon as your relationships end the chronic feelings of pain, emptiness and rage often return and a new relationship is sought out to soothe these intolerable feelings.
You may be able to relate to some of these statement

  • I need to be in a relationship or I don’t feel whole.
  • My partner’s happiness is my responsibility.
  • I like to feel needed by my partner.
  • If I am single than I am worthless.
  • I always seem to attract the wrong kind of partner.

How Can I Help?

I offer a compassionate and non-judgemental approach to your treatment. Like any other addiction, sex and love addiction is completely treatable. I can provide you with the support and tools you need to overcome the turmoil of your addiction and move into Recovery. I will help you to evaluate the impact your behaviour has had on your life and address the steps needed to make meaningful changes.
We can work together to address the underlying issues that may have been driving your compulsive behaviour such as working through traumatic experiences, childhood issues and relationship problems. I am happy to work together with your loved ones and I can provide couples or family therapy where needed.
I believe you can heal through accessing the right support and I can get you in contact with support groups such as Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous where you can have the benefit of peer support alongside the treatment I offer. Maybe most importantly I can help you to repair the most important relationship in your life- the relationship with yourself.

Emergency Call

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