• "Jessica is compassionate, understanding and wonderful listener. She provided great supportthrough our time together that helped me to grow and encouraged me to explore the depths of my feelings and experiences."

  • "Jessica is one of those people that you can really connect with. I have tried so many counsellors but  not one of them helped me out. Jessica has a deeply caring and understanding nature that makes her stand out from the rest of the counsellors. Each time I have a session with Jessica I walk away feeling more positive and the tools that Jessica provides are useful and not just text book information.  She will always follow up with homework which is good for me and will challenge me. This approach works for me."

  • "I found the group experience enlightening and enriching. Listening to other people’s perspectives was a crucial part to understanding my own journey, to a degree much more than I expected. Jessica was an empathetic, knowledgeable and conscientious guide in this experience."

  • "Jessica’s gentle, caring and professional approach made a big impact in my life when I was at a difficult crossroad. Through her ability to identify key issues and look at long term strategies and solutions I was able to address the stress in my life and have made better decisions as a result."

  • "Commitment, enthusiasm, motivation and a desire to support others are qualities Jessica embodies. Jessica is professional, organised and innovative while being respectful towards clients."


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