My journey to becoming an eating disorders specialist

I understand I have been on the journey myself I remember the complete sense of loss and emptiness that kept me silent. The decision to change, to allow myself to believe someone could help me was life changing. My psychotherapy journey has been the most valuable and transforming experience for me.
What I learnt has turned into my life work, I now support others to find their voice and create meaningful change in their life just as I did.I love what I do and I consider being let into my client’s world a profound privilege. I have a passion for helping people. I have helped countless people suffering from eating disorders or other addictions. I also work in several private organisations where I specialise in treating addictions and providing support for families of those in recovery.

Entering into therapy can be a really fearful prospect for many of us.
Shame, fear and doubt often get in the way.


Bachelor of Psychology, University of Sydney

Masters of Applied Psychotherapy and Counselling from the Jansen Newman Institute (JNI). JNI is one of the most highly regarded private training institution for Counsellors in Australia.


Clinical Member of the Psychotherapists and Counsellors Federation of Australia Reg. No.22324 (PACFA). PACFA is a national peak body for professional associations within the Counselling and Psychotherapy profession.

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We respect and value our General Practitioner associates and their sterling contribution to the positive mental health of our patients. We offer an ‘Integrated Care Model’ of collaboration. We liase happily with GP’s, dietician’s, psychiatrist’s & other proffessionals across Sydney.

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